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    VCA / ISO 9001

    Kobato BV has been ISO9001 certified since 2006. In 2018, the annual review resulted in the renewal of the certificate of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This certificate guarantees close attention to quality management. The new standard ensures an improvement of the insight into product quality and the success of the company. This also contributes to customer satisfaction.

    At Kobato we say:

    • Say what you do
    • Do what you say
    • And prove it

    Kobato BV is also VCA* certified since 2006. This VCA* 2008/5.1 certification has been developed to test the safety control systems of service providers in an objective and structured way. Kobato BV meets all the requirements of the VCA* certificate and has always succeeded in passing the annual audit with flying colours.

    Below, you can download Kobato’s certificates:
    Kobato’s VCA 666 in English and in Dutch.
    Kobato’s QSC 781 in English and in Dutch.